About Us

The words Beauty Host encapsulates my believe that real beauty has to come from deep within.  Each of us embodies a natural and personal beauty.  Beauty products only help to enhance that beauty that lies beneath the surface.  In Beauty Host we believe in giving our customers a choice of the routines in general skin care  that has immediate results as well as to choose the natural and organic routine that takes time but results in bringing out the natural beauty in you.

Beauty Host was one of the first beauty salons that brought natural and organic skincare to the heartlands in 2006.  Since then, we have managed to establish USPA, an award wining Australian beauty care product as our main stay. “By using plants and herbs in our daily life through skin and hair care, aromatherapy, body treatments and even freshly cut flowers, we can experience their remarkable chemistry”, a chemistry that leads to a pure, natural and beautiful you and “effectively engaging nature leads to total beauty and a sense of well being.

Today, we recognize the benefits of giving our customers choices.  To find a suitable routine, product and chemistry that will help bring the smooth and natural glow and at the same time treat and address the skin issues that we may face due to our environment, stress and biological make up.

 Welcome to The Beauty Host!